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62.1% of respondents said that because of their mental health condition, job stress is increasingly difficult to overcome.

Source: WorkMI independent study, 2020

How many people are in your organization?

57 employees require support to cope effectively with daily life's challenges.
28 employees need immediate professional help to overcome their problem.

Source: WorkMI independent study, 2019

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We tailor-made each of our services to fit your well-being needs.



Standardized online assessment to identify psychological distress and productivity challenges for employees.

Use if: your company needs help identifying if and which employees need help and in what form.

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Interactive session with a psychologist on various mental health topics, from mindfulness to managing burnout, from work-life balance to worrying.

Use if: your employees need an accessible introduction to mental health topic where they can ask questions.

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Support Group

Group meeting with a psychologist that brings together people who are going through or have gone through similar experiences.

Use if: your employees need a combination of psychologists insight and peers experience while also gaining a sense of community.

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One-on-one Counseling

Individual psychological counseling with a mental health practitioner.

Use if: your employees need a problem-solving session that helps them cope with everything from everyday challenges to a severe psychological condition.

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